" Building with a purpose means that we started with a goal, and then we  figured how to achieve the results that we wanted. Building high performance homes takes planning and a deep understanding of building science. Now we are able to achieve astounding results. Results that matter. We at Frontier Homes would like to thank you for stopping by. Please explore the pages and video's on this web-site to help you learn how we can craft a home that can meet your needs and provide the features that go far beyond standard code built houses. We use the term,
"High Performance" to sum-up the benefits that come with a home built by FRONTIER HOMES.





Building with a purpose

Gary Hall was born and raised in North Idaho  and  enjoys building  homes for people that  share his love for this area. Gary started building homes in 1982 in Alaska and he takes a very personal and Hands-On approach with every home that he builds. Frontier Homes is at the forefront of providing super energy efficient homes that use 45% - 60% less energy than a typical new home.